Some amazing gigs. Thank you.


The past two weeks have been a couple of the best in our careers so far. We played four incredible shows, beginning with STAGE and finishing with a flourish at Basingstoke Live. Basingstoke’s STAGE has become a fairly familiar outing for Flashfires – being so local – but it never ceases to amaze that such a wonderful sounding and high-end music space now resides on our home turf. When lighting and sound is this good its impossible to put on a substandard show and it seems our fans who came to support would agree, with many claiming it to be our greatest show to date.

Basingstoke, followed by Birmingham. How do you get a five piece band to the midlands using only a 90s Honda Civic? Well: two in the front, three in the back and the equipment piled high on laps and in the boot… naturally! Probably the most uncomfortable car journey of all time but it made for some right laughs, plus, we got back in one piece – which is always nice.

We returned to the scene of our 31 music video for an intimate yet rocking soirée at Bar 42, Worthing. The venue’s fur covered walls make playing there feel like you’ve been swallowed by a grizzly monster, nevertheless, it was a pleasure to reunite with our more coastal supporters. Our weekend was topped of by an exclusive acoustic performance from Alex, Jon and Fraser in Basingstoke Lives’s Unplgd Stage. Never has there been such a rowdy crowd for a few lads with acoustic guitars, for that, we’re extremely grateful. New material was trialled too; went down a storm!